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Christopher Young – Bethpage, NY Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach





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Find Out How A Long Island Personal Trainer is Helping People Lose Weight So Fast, Their Friends Can Hardly Recognize Them!

If You Are Still Struggling to Lose Weight and Are To The Point of Frustration Because Nothing Seems to Work…


Let Me Tell You There is Hope. I Have Successfully Helped Lots of People to Lose Weight and Keep it Off for Good! Even Better, They Did This Without Starving Themselves, Going Through Invasive Surgeries, or other Extreme Measures to Get Results. You Can Too…


Keep Reading to Discover What May Be Some of the Most Important Information You Will Read on Weight Loss and Your Potential Results…


From: Christopher Young, CPT, CNC

Location: Bethpage, NY

Dear Prospective Client,

Long before I got into personal training, health, and fitness. I was a lazy, chubby, and completely unhealthy fat guy. In fact, I knew nothing about being healthy. To put it simply, I WAS unhealthy. You see, I know what it is like to be overweight. Don’t believe me? Check out this picture of me back when I was almost 320lbs! Oh the memories.

And you can change your body too…

There came a point when I realized that I needed to do something. It was the breaking point, so to speak. Something had to change in myself or I would continue getting fatter and more unhealthier. I was at risk for heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and other weight related illness. I was embarrassed about how I looked. I hadn’t truly gone swimming in public since I was a kid, and I was self conscious about how I looked, despite how I acted around other people. To them they saw a fat guy who was comfortable with themselves and even joked about his weight, but the truth is, inside, I was miserable and hated myself and how I looked. I didn’t want to be that person. I had completely let myself go, and I needed to do something about it.

I was so desperate I tried EVERYTHING…

And I do mean EVERYTHING. From a variety of failed and even dangerous diets to all kinds of supplements, pills, and remedies that were “proven” to remove body fat. Nothing worked. I was hopeless. I wanted to lose the weight, but all the information I kept finding wasn’t working. I knew there had to be something that worked, there had to be a way to get results.

Then one day, I decided to up and move to a new location. I had been struggling to lose weight for the past couple years. Losing weight, gaining it all back and more, losing a bit more, and then regaining it all and more again. The monotonous cycle was overwhelming, and it took its toll on my body. At 320lbs, I moved my entire apartment by myself. It was at this time that I KNEW I needed to find a solution. My back was in pain, my body was sore and tired, I was sweating profusely. My move was what I needed to begin my journey into weight loss. I found myself a couple people to train me and work with me on my weight loss. I started getting decent results. I was losing weight. I was happy. I did this before, but it seemed to be working. Then, I plateaued. For 6 months I did not lose a single pound. What was going on?!

I literally spent hundreds of hours reading information on weight loss, nutrition, exercise and more…

I had uncovered so many secrets and misinformation in my research that you would be literally disgusted with our society. Fitness is a multi-billion dollar industry. You see, when most people lose weight, they rely on popular books, magazines, and websites for their answers. This is, as I soon discovered, a HUGE problem.

The sad fact of it is, we live with lies and misinformation to literally keep us unhealthy and sick. Think about this. If these diet pills and supplements truly worked, would we be as overweight as we are today? Go ahead and think about that for a little bit. When you are done fuming about our society, go ahead and continue…

There is HOPE! Believe me when I say, that I not only found the solution to rapid fat loss, but I lived it myself. By using the MOST PRODUCTIVE program for fat burning and muscle toning I could find, I got into the best shape of my life. You would never believe how SIMPLE it actually was. Even better, it wasn’t some long lost secret or unknown program. This information has been around for decades, it has just been overshadowed so much by crap, that we lost sight of what really worked. Once I started using this method, I found amazing results.

And that’s JUST the beginning…

Now I feel like I’m so many years younger, I have a new lease on life, I have more energy than I know what to do with at times, and my personal love life has improved dramatically…

And what’s really exciting is what’s happened to my self image… Let’s just say when I look in the mirror I’m pretty damn stoked with what I see…

Now my weight loss story could have ended here, but there is even more to tell…

You’re NEVER gonna believe it, but…

I accidentally became one of the most sought out weight loss personal trainers in my area…
You see, you don’t just lose weight without people taking notice and asking you about how you got such amazing results when they are still struggling. People wanted to know how I did it. They wanted to know my secret. I cannot tell you how many times I have been asked “How can I lose weight so fast like that?” or “Can you help me get in shape too!?”. Almost always said with a sound of desperation.

I began offering advice and showed a few people, and you know what. I loved what I was doing, and I was getting them the results they wanted! I watched as they began losing 12lbs, 20lbs, and even 25lbs or more their first month of the program! Those people quickly referred their friends to me, and I was in business. I knew what my goal and calling in life was, and that was to help inspire, motivate, and transform the bodies of those that truly want it. While I will try not to toot my own horn, I have gotten really good at it too. :)

One of the biggest factors in my success has been that I have never forgotten where I started. Being able to empathize with each and every person that comes to me and is struggling to lose weight. My clients do not just walk away with a fit body, they walk away knowing that they will never EVER be fat again. They love themselves, and that is probably one of the most rewarding parts about becoming a trainer…helping someone discover their inner beauty while creating and building their outer beauty as well.

So what do you get with Bethpage Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching?
Daily & Weekly Personal Training Sessions or Monthly Programs – You will get results specific workouts on a weekly basis that will drive you towards your ideal body as FAST as possible.

Motivation – My goal is not to just have you come in and workout a few days a week, but motivate you to WANT to come and work out with me as often as you need and want. My clients enjoy working and training with me. They may not always love me during workouts, but hey, you are paying me for results and I never said there wouldn’t be some hard work involved.

Support – I know what it is like to be overweight and the emotions and challenges when starting a workout program. It does not come easy and there are lots of obstacles to overcome. Knowing full well what it is like to be overweight and out of shape, I give you the support you need to mentally, emotionally, and even physically. (When most people start an exercise program on their own they quit within their first 14 days…I am here to make sure this DOESN’T happen to YOU.)

Accountability – Sometimes we need someone to hold us accountable for our actions in and outside of the gym. As your personal trainer, I will keep you accountable for your workouts, your program, and your results. My clients email me, text me, and call me often with questions. I always try and reply as soon as possible.

Nutritional Instruction – You will learn what foods you should be eating, which foods you should avoid, and how much and how often your body needs to eat to get the best results in record time. You may be surprised to know that the majority of my clients must eat more! Imagine that!

Fun Workouts – If you are not having fun, why would you suffer through a workout? I know I wouldn’t! So making your workouts fun is important for me as well. Imagine yourself laughing and having a good time while working harder than most of the people around you in the gym.

Push you when you need it – Let face it, there are days when you just don’t feel it. You want to stay home, your favorite show is on TV tonight. No matter what the excuse, my goal is to ensure that you still get the best butt kicking workout possible. Your results are dependent on it. (I am here to make sure you ALWAYS get the best workout, every time… this just isn’t possible without a trainer.)

You will..

Lose fat once and for all – It is said that 99% of people use weight loss pills, fad diets, etc gain the weight back that they lose plus more. I will show you how you can be a part of the elite 1% of people who keep the fat off forever (This alone is worth at least 10 times the cost of the training.)

Tone up your entire body – I am gonna make you look lean, athletic, and healthy. When people rely on pills and crash diets, they might lose a little weight, but end up just looking like a weak and sickly smaller version of themselves with soft and mushy muscles… with my program you will look FIT and HEALTHY. (In fact, you’re gonna look so fit people will think you’ve been working out for years.)

Be MUCH more attractive – It’s no secret, when you are lean, muscular, and have a toned body, people find it more attractive. I promise you that you will feel so much better about yourself, but I must warn you, a new added sexiness can also bring a lot more attention, and I mean a lot more. trust me. 😛

After Working with Numerous Clients And Leading Long Island Personal Training Sessions and Getting Them Amazing Results, I am Positive That YOU Will get Results.

I Produce Results, And I Produce Them In A Fraction Of The Time Of Many Other Locations.
I Personally Guarantee It.



It doesn’t matter how many different programs, fad diets, and trainers you may have tried in the past. The full transformation package, Bethpage personal training or advanced online fitness programs with the Weight Loss Trainer, Topher Young, is the last you’ll ever need. 100% of the clients who have followed my recommendations and programs have seen tremendous results.

Get ready to look and feel great, to finally be the hot one, and to get the results you have been wanting.

I’ll help you get on the fast track towards real results and success, get you ready to take on the world, and completely transform your body. Shed that fat, tone up your body and finally feel amazing – and get started TODAY!






Christopher “Topher” Young
Owner and Trainer of The Weight Loss Trainer

Your WEIGHT LOSS Results
Start and End in the KITCHEN

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About Christopher Young


Your results, no matter the goal, starts and ends in the KITCHEN…

This is my motto and something I have stuck with during my own fitness and health journey. My name is Christopher Young and I’m a former chubby guy that lost over 120 pounds and became a professional fitness trainer and coach. Furthermore, I became an advocate for delicious food. Real good, wholesome, and delicious food. You don’t need to eat boring salads or hate every moment of your “diet”. We don’t DO diets here. Put down the salad fork and let’s start eating some REAL FOOD.

My focus is to help overweight and obese individuals that struggle with their weight who feel like food is their biggest weakness and who struggle with control over their cravings and desire for unhealthy food that ultimately leads to a larger waistline and a decrease in a desire to exercise, be healthy, and overall self confidence.

I will teach and show you how to regain the self confidence you strongly desire through quality fitness programs as well as help you to establish a healthy relationship with food without feeling like you are on a diet or forced to eat foods that you dislike and despise, by offering high quality, nutrient rich meal plans, and delicious, guilt free recipes that are healthy and family friendly. You will have access as well to an understanding community of support and accountability to help aid your journey on your own time, in the comfort of your own home.

I utilize the most sought after workout fitness programs, personally developed meal plans and a team of individuals who have made the physical and mental transformation themselves to achieve success. I want to address the need for overweight and obese individuals to know and understand that there is hope and the self confidence, health, and overall wellness you desire is not out of reach.

Since I understand what it was like to be overweight, addicted to junk food and completely unhealthy, and I know how easy it is to feel overwhelmed by the countless weight loss programs, fad diets, and pills that promise great results but never deliver, you can be certain that you will be given all the tools necessary to succeed using the very tools and means that I continue to utilize today for the best success.

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